How to Properly Use HTML Input Elements with Label Elements in Forms

I still can't believe how many big-name websites neglect to use this wonderful bit of markup! Read this, and make it a habit. It's so easy!

Let's say we're marking up a contact form where visitors enter a bit of personal information, such as their name, sex, and which products they're interested in. I'll keep this stupid simple: when you're creating this form, there is a proper place to put the label for each input element. It's called the label element. Be sure to use the label element's for property, that way the label knows which input element it refers to.

The reason for going through this trouble rather than just using a <div> or a <span> element, is because the browser knows that if a <label> element with a for property is clicked that the corresponding input element should receive focus. Having the label AND the input element clickable makes for a much larger target to click on, making the human/computer interaction target more usable.

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I wanted to write a post about my good friend's recent experience with OWC (Other World Computing), as they are one of the oldest Mac-authorized resellers, and I've usually heard good things about doing business with them. My most recent experience has significantly swayed my views.

Their offers for the new 21.5" and 27" iMacs are quite intriguing. You can either buy from them, or ship an already-purchased system to them, and they offer a whole host of upgrades that Apple does not. For example, OWC will add an eSATA port for $169 (faster than Firewire 800!), or add/replace internal hard drives with Solid State Drives (SSDs). They'll even add an internal Blu Ray disc player! And all at costs less than Apple charges (easy to do). But that's where the fun ended (at least for us).

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