Sensible Development Dotfiles

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By Ben Radler

My Dotfiles repo contains a sensible set of vim, fish, zsh, git, and tmux configuration files that work well for my development workflow (thanks mdp!).

These are a wonderful way to keep track of the plethora of configuration files that you'll undoubtedly set up while working as a developer, and quickly install them on another machine. Nothing like having your environments on your home and work boxes be the same!

If you want a nice baseline of configuration for your .zshrc, .vimrc, .gitconfig, .aliasrc, .tmux.conf, and many others, my dotfiles repo is a very quick setup that allows you to granularly pick exactly the files you want.

I recommend forking my repo to your Github account, cloning to your home directory, and then running the install script.

git clone [email protected]:Lordnibbler/dotfiles.git ~/.dotfiles

# follow the prompts

From here, you can adjust the dotfiles to your liking, keep them up to date, and safely backed up on Github!

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Ben Radler

Ben is a Software Engineer. He works on autonomous vehicle dispatch at Cruise.

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